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Renewables mania puts state in energy bind

Re. “California’s relying on unreliable third-world electrical service,” Aug. 20:

Who couldn’t see this black-out crisis coming? I saw this coming a long time ago with the Legislature’s maniacal obsession of requiring utility companies to purchase more unreliable renewable power sources such as wind and solar to replace gas and electric sources.

Where do they think that the electricity is going to come from when they put more and more electric cars on the streets, build all new electric home communities and the demand for charging cellphones increases?

In the state’s infinite wisdom they are going to be shutting down Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant in a few years. What a brilliant move.

Unfortunately, the state is reactive instead of proactive to this electricity “shortage.” Even if the state decided right now to build more gas-fired plants like the Calpine plant out on the shoreline near Highway 92, it would be decades before they were up and running.

Louise Turner