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Reject wind turbines too close to neighborhoods, homes

The Shasta County Planning Commission has an important decision to make concerning wind turbines and where they are sited in the county.

A proposal before the county right now known as Fountain Wind would put 679-foot tall wind turbines within 1,800 feet of a neighborhood of 50 homes.

Placing windmills too close to homes causes residents to hear whooshing and mechanical noise 24 hours a day along with shadow flicker where the sun and turbine blades cause a rotating shadow both inside and outside houses.

Offshore wind energy is the future for California, not wind turbines in our backyards.

If you are still having a hard time imagining how big an industrial wind turbine is, drive up to Hatchet ridge and stand next to one.

Shasta County elected officials should develop setback rules for industrial-size wind turbines that respect all homeowners and keep our mountain ridges along scenic highways in their natural state.

Does the wind blow in your area of Shasta County? Your neighborhood could be next.

— John Gable, Montgomery Creek