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Is wind farm the beginning of the end?

This Billings Gazette subscriber, born and educated in Montana and now a resident of Texas, has read with disturbing interest the construction of a wind farm south of the town of Bridger overlooking the Pryor Mountains.

Montana, with its stunning landscapes, from mountain scenery, to tranquil lakes, roaring rivers and lush prairies, is considered one of the best places to visit by visitors from all over the world.

Now, its idyllic view of the Pryor Mountains is being disturbed by the construction of this wind farm project for the benefit of PacifiCorp and, no doubt, local investors. Since the investors only pay ¼ of the cost, they eventually make a profit because the federal government subsidizes the investors through taxpayer tax credits.

Also, one must consider the disadvantages of wind energy such as the cost, the wind not being constant, the cost of producing energy via wind and that of other sources, the threat to wildlife and the obstruction of scenery.

Sad to say, there will no doubt other wind energy projects in the state. Let’s hope this is not the beginning of the end for beautiful Montana.

Paul Gabel

Fort Worth, Texas