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Commissioners should reject wind development in county

The city and county commissioners are enamored by the proposed wind turbine project. We could solve all of these wind turbine issues by building the turbines in the city and/or within a two-mile range. We can put them along the river walk trail, in city parks, university property, Ninth Street, etc. It’s a win for everyone.

I just read in the editorial the other day, people in the city don’t expect to have a view and are happy without one and that wind turbines are benign. Locating these turbines in the city and surrounding area will save the 287 corridor from carnage; the wind turbines will no longer intrude and harm our local ecosystem. Being within arm’s reach of the city limits would go a long way to save insects, birds and animals the turbines cause harm and death . If I kill an eagle, I get a big fine along with other severe consequences’, wind turbine can kill eagles all day long (our national symbol) and nothing happens to them. It’s “so bad” that the government had to give wind turbines special exemptions on environmental laws. Altamont Pass Ca. turbine killed 2,900 golden eagles. “BUT”- before you erect these monsters, be aware that these wind turbines create more of a carbon foot print then existing energy sources, much more. Wind turbines create more carbon dioxide emissions in their manufacture, installation and operational life, than their operational life can ever recover.

These hideous land tumors will create at a minimum 242 tons of CO2 each. Ask yourself, what am I getting out of this? Absolutely nothing! The county is sniveling about not having enough money. Welcome to the real world. Do what the rest of us do. Learn to manage your money better. The good news is that its election time and we can vote in people that care about community and our ecosystem more than lining their own pockets. The commissioners are by law supposed to be unbiased. Clearly, they are not.

Carson Aanenson