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A few things for landowners to consider

It has been reported recently that large out of state wind energy developers are soliciting Seneca County landowners for leases to place large industrial wind turbines on local property. Let me first state that what any property owner does legally with their property is an American right. But hopefully every landowner will consider the wishes of their neighbors since local zoning laws do not apply to industrial wind turbines.

Hopefully, every landowner will also consider their community since the County Commissioners, several township board of trustees, and many landowners oppose the placement of these giant turbines in Seneca County.

Hopefully, every landowner will also consider the fact Seneca County airport and Seneca County Park District oppose the construction of wind turbines near the airport or near county parks.

Hopefully, every landowner will then consider the beauty of our rural setting, and consider the eagles, birds and bats that would be endangered.

Hopefully, every landowner will consider the safety and health of neighbors and residents that will be required to live near these giant wind turbines.

Finally, I would suggest that anyone considering signing a lease have an experienced attorney review it and properly advise you.

Thank you for your consideration and concern for the safety, beauty, and livability of Seneca County! What a great place to work, live, raise a family and enjoy the beauty of a wonderful area.


Steve C. Shuff
Eden Township