June 18, 2020

Frankfort neighbors upset over company installing wind turbines

By Dan Garrett | KSNT | Jun 17, 2020 | www.ksnt.com

A group of neighbors in Frankfort are trying to bring attention to what they said is an eye sore for many.

They’re concerned about a company called NextEra installing more than 100 wind turbines near their city.

Gayla Randel said they weren’t informed the company was looking to build in their area, and only heard through the talk of the town.

“We’re considered a non-participating land owner that means we don’t have enough land to be considered so we are not seen as people that need the information – even though we will be impacted,” Randel said.

A spokesperson for NextEra said they have done plenty of communicating. The company is going to property owners and offering to pay to use their land to build wind turbines.

They said they have support in the community and says the anti-wind activists are a small group.

Meanwhile in Centralia, the company is already in the process of building wind turbines.

NextEra said the projects create good jobs, millions in tax revenues and provide land owners a higher return than any crop that can be grown on the land.

But that’s not stopping some in town from making their voices heard.

“I mean when you have this and then you have 46 story wind turbines going up around you, it would make anyone nervous,” Randel said.

Those against the project are asking the county to block it.

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