May 7, 2020
Letters, Washington

Wind farm energy powers California

Tri-City Herald | May 7 |

When Michael Rucker talks about “Wind energy myths generate confusion” (Tri-City Herald, 4/2/20), he adds to the confusion: He says it will bring “wind energy to the region and the state of Washington,” but he really means it’s electricity for California and its renewable energy mandate; we have plenty of energy for Washington with hydro and nuclear.

He talks about generating $2.4 million per year in taxes and 16 jobs; that pales in comparison to Tri-City visitors spending $560.2 million in 2019, generating $54.5 million in taxes and 6,370 jobs (Visitor Bureau). I think the visitors from the West Side enjoy the sweeping and unspoiled views of our hills when visiting local wineries.

These wind turbines are giants: at 500 feet, they are much taller than the Statue of Liberty (305 feet). Imagine the views from our popular Badger Mountain: 212 wind towers on 60,000 acres in 24-mile rows on the ridges of the Horse Heaven Hills and a forest of churning blades and blinking lights.

Global warming is real and we need to combat it in sensible ways, but this industrial-scale destruction of our landscape is not the way to go.

Markus Stauffer, Pasco

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