May 5, 2020

Wind turbine blades cause traffic delays in San Angelo

May 4, 2020 |

SAN ANGELO, Texas – Shipments of wind turbine blades and bases have been causing traffic delays for San Angelo residents.

Every week, 36 blades and bases come from Big Lake and go through San Angelo to the Maverick Wind Farm that is located east of Eden.

The blades measure over 260ft long, 44ft wide and weigh 200,000 pounds. The midsections and bases measure 14-20ft wide and weigh up to 254,000 pounds. For this reason, they have to detour off US-87, causing delays at the area around Grand Canal, US-277, US-67 interchange.

The shipments go through San Angelo twice a day, once in the morning (at around 8:30am) and once in the afternoon. All shipments typically go through San Angelo by 4:00pm. During the time that the shipments are coming through, the US-277 off-ramp is closed.

“When the wind turbines and bases are coming through, we have the ramp to US-277 closed. We’re asking the public to detour at Country Club Rd. They can come down Canal Rd. and go to 277. Be patient. Expect delays throughout the day periodically. They’re not that long of delays but they are delays,” said Karen Threlkeld, Public Information Officer for TxDOT.

The shipments are anticipated to continue through early August.

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