May 5, 2020

Vermont homeowner reaches settlement over wind project noise

May 5, 2020,

SHEFFIELD, Vt. (AP) – A Vermont homeowner has reached a settlement for a complaint he made about the noise coming from a wind project near his house.

Paul Brouha filed a complaint in 2014 alleging that the turbines belonging to Vermont Wind, LLC created noise in his home that exceeded regulations, the Caledonian-Record reported Monday.

A settlement between Brouha and the company was reached Feb. 3, in which Vermont Wind agreed to stipulations that temporarily restrict when certain turbines can operate.

The company said in the settlement that while “sound monitoring and assessment of interior levels” have been difficult to track, “it nonetheless expresses sincere regret that the operation of the Project may have caused Mr. Brouha and his family any inconvenience or annoyance.”

“And further, Vermont Wind wishes to implement the agreed-upon operational protocols and other components of this Stipulation.”

Brouha told the newspaper on Monday that he has a press release prepared, but is not releasing it or commenting until the appeal period ends on May 12.

The Vermont Public Utilities Commission has closed its investigation into Brouha’s complaint. The restricted turbine operations will continue for two years, after which an independent consultant will review the progress and report back to both sides.

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