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BCCR Press Statement re NY Siting Board Meeting on Wind Turbines

County Concerned Residents (BCCR) spokesperson Anne Lawrence has called on the New York Siting Board at their meeting today (Thursday, April 9) to urge Governor Cuomo to apply the same rule for locating Industrial Wind Turbines in Broome County as he did for the residents of Long Island. He promised the affluent communities in that part of the State that these huge behemoths would be no closer than 30 miles from their homes.

The people of Broome County deserve no less than equal opportunity to bring up their families in peace, quiet and safety from the dangerously adverse consequences of living in close proximity to the 700 foot industrial machines. Likewise the wildlife of this beautiful part of the State, especially the bald and golden eagles who face decimation from the cutting blades of these turbines, deserve to be saved.

This coalition hopes that the Siting Board, which has been convened to hear petitions from the BCCR and other campaigners, will overturn its earlier decision to allow Bluestone Wind to build and operate these turbines. We hope and expect that the Siting Board will see sense and take into consideration the many legal arguments raised against siting this project as proposed. These supersized turbines belong miles out at sea, or in industrial zones and brown fields – as suggested in the newly adopted statewide siting law – not right near homes of ordinary folk, or involving cutting down natural forests and destroying wetlands. Bluestone Wind is an illustration of green energy objectives gone wrong, a situation that will hopefully be prevented going forward with better statewide standards for siting wind or solar projects. We in the BCCR remain dedicated to protecting the local mountains, pristine trout streams and lakes from the devastation that will surely follow in the wake of these turbines.