March 11, 2020
New York

Byrnes raises concerns over green energy projects

Staff reports | The Evening Tribune | Mar 10, 2020 |

RUSH – Assemblywoman Marjorie Byrnes (R,C-Caledonia) hosted a press conference Monday to discuss Gov. Cuomo’s proposed large-scale solar and wind projects.

The governor’s green energy project legislation is being fast-tracked to pass in the 2020-21 State Budget, Byrnes said, with input being eliminated from local municipalities about where the projects will be erected. The assemblywoman was joined by Sen. Chris Jacobs (R,C,IP).

In his proposed budget, Gov. Cuomo advanced a 30-day amendment to accelerate the construction of renewable energy projects. Under this amendment, the Office of Renewable Energy will be created, giving the state the ability to choose project sites. Local municipalities will be given the opportunity to advise the office on local law compliance, but the office will ultimately have full discretion in choosing project sites, with or without local support.

“Gov. Cuomo’s proposed budget contains language that would give the state total control over large-scale solar and wind projects throughout upstate New York,” said Byrnes. “All local input would be eliminated from these projects in the governor’s latest power grab. Local governments and residents should have control over projects in their communities. Together, Sen. Jacobs and I will raise awareness and fight for our communities and local rule.”

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