February 25, 2020

New wind turbine project in Washington County approved by Commissioners

By Owen Kingsley | WABI | Feb 24, 2020 | www.wabi.tv

A project to build dozens of new wind turbines around Washington County was approved by County Commissioners during a public hearing Monday afternoon in Machias.

30 new wind turbines are coming to parts of Washington County.

7 in Columbia, 23 in unorganized territories.

Washington County Downeast Wind says the project will cost about $250 million dollars.

They believe the turbines will benefit the residents of Washington County from job creation to the increased tax dollars.

“Those agreements will bring $11.5 million dollars in direct tax and community benefit investment to the county of Washington. They can utilize around the county for economic development, job training, environmental improvements, and infrastructure improvements,” said Paul Williamson, Senior Development Project Manager.

“It brings a lot of economic benefit to the areas that it’s in. It does impact the environment a little bit, but I think it’s better for the long run,” said Joseph Michalski of Columbia.

It is unknown when the project will begin, the exact sites for each turbine are still being decided.

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