February 14, 2020
New York

Siting board makes improvements to Lewis County wind farm project

WWNY | February 13, 2020 | www.wwnytv.com

A state board has streamlined the permit process for a 31-turbine wind farm planned for Lewis County.

The Board on Electric Generation Siting and the Environment announced Thursday that it improved its earlier decision that granted approval to Number Three Wind.

The project is planned for several parcels of land in the towns of Lowville and Harrisburg.

The board originally approved the project in November, but with conditions that involved noise, two protected bird species, and a local law in the town of Lowville that requires underground transmission lines.

Since, the board gave the project more flexibility in how it deals with turbine noise and handles the bird species issue.

The board also waived the law regarding underground transmission lines, which it points out town officials support.

The board also acted to remove some barriers it says has slowed down renewable energy projects in general.

Officials say removing these barriers prevents costs of projects from becoming too high.

High costs, they say, would be passed on to consumers and slow the state’s progress to combat climate change.

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