February 6, 2020

Gibson Co. residents voice concern, support for proposed wind farm, zoning

By Jared Goffinet and Joseph Payton | WFIE | February 5, 2020 | www.14news.com

The Advisory Plan Commission (APC) in Gibson County is trying to figure out what to do about a proposed wind farm and whether a zoning ordinance fits in the plan.

On Wednesday, they hosted a public hearing, to try and figure out what would be best for Gibson County residents.

There are people who are either for or against zoning… and then there are also people who are either for or against the wind farm and the reasoning for their opinions differs.

One by one, more than 30 people took the podium.

Some support zoning for health and safety reasons regarding the wind farm. Others fear the wind farm could interfere with the doppler radar near Owensville.

“Zoning is going to happen at some point,” voiced one person. “It needs to happen now so it can protect us all.”

“Zoning can protect our doppler, but if we don’t implement correct zoning, there are no safeguards to protect us from inclement weather and tornados,” stated another person.

Some people who spoke believe the wind farm threatens their simple way of life.

“The beauty of living rural, to be able to see the stars at night without a thousand blinking lights from the wind turbines or to be able to hear the crickets chirping at night,” the person said.

Then, there also were supporters of the wind turbine because of the potential revenue it could generate.

“As farmers, who have been paying a lot of taxes over the years, so to me, it would be a boom for the county really,” the farmer said.

Some supporters like the idea of clean, sustainable energy.

“If people truly want to leave a legacy for their children, what better opportunity than continued electricity,” the person explained.

The wide variety of comments, concerns, and opinions, is exactly what those on the APC wanted to hear.

“We’re going through this plan bit by bit, it takes a long time, and so this is why it’s so important for us to have input from the community,” said APC President Steve Obert.

There were also a few representatives of RWE Renewables who addressed the commission. They believe the revenue the wind farm could generate would greatly benefit the county.

They also said that any health effects that were concerning to some, would be negligible.

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