February 5, 2020

Bids to remove turbine come in

By Brian Haytcher | Star Beacon | www.starbeacon.com

CONNEAUT – The city has compiled bids to remove the damaged wind turbine adjacent to the city’s waterfront.

The turbine was damaged in a lightning strike in 2017, and has not functioned since. The city budgeted $163,000 to remove the damaged turbine, based on bids received last year.

Almost all of the bids the city received this time came in below that $163,000 figure, with only one above it, at $169,000, said City Manager Jim Hockaday.

The lowest bid to do the work came in at $37,900, which was $90,000 less than the next-lowest bid. The low bid was also incomplete, missing one of two bonds that were required.

Hockaday recommended going with the second-lowest bid of $128,000. The city received six bids for the demolition of the turbine.

The turbine is one of two in the city of Conneaut. The second, built next to Conneaut Middle School, is the subject of an ongoing legal dispute between the turbine manufacturer and the company that owns it.

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