January 22, 2020
Letters, Maryland

Keep fighting the wind farm

The Cumberland Times-News | January 22, 2020 | www.times-news.com

Once again, citizens of Allegany County must stand up against the placement of wind turbines on Dan’s Mountain.

We had a favorable court decision in 2015, but Wind Force, LLC, which refused to take “No!” for an answer, reapplied to the local zoning board after different personnel were appointed.

Nothing has changed about the original objections to the turbines. The turbines will still be unsightly visual pollution on the highest mountain ridge in our county. They will still tower over the various communication, broadcasting, and emergency towers on the mountain, and possibly cause disruptions.

They will still interfere with migrating birds. They will still affect people’s health. They will still be an inefficient way of generating electricity. They will still lack the means of storing energy for days without wind. They will still, arguably, reduce the property values of residences over a wide area.

Allegany County Commissioners acquired a large tract of land along U.S. 220 south of Cumberland known as Cumberland Chase. They propose to build a much-needed senior living community.

If the plan is done correctly, it could be a major residential attraction, a magnet for seniors similar to many other planned senior communities. (Think, “The Villages,” if dreaming large.)

However, Cumberland Chase will be one of a number of major residential areas adversely affected by wind turbines atop Dan’s Mountain. The value of this property will be diminished before it is even developed. Who will want to retire here? Who will want to risk negative health consequences? Who will come to add to our tax base?

Speaking of taxes, the county commissioners are looking forward to the Wind Force tax boost for 10 years before those gains expire. Why not keep that tax boost going for 15 years, 20 years or indefinitely?

The commissioners should have a provision in any understanding with Wind Force, which states that when Wind Force goes bust, becomes insolvent or leaves the area, it will be responsible for removing the 17 500-foot wind turbines, and restore the land to its original condition.

Allegany County taxpayers should not be stuck with the cleanup when the next energy production innovation replaces wind turbines.

Karyl Hansen


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