December 13, 2019
Letters, New Jersey

Wind energy has issues

Voice of the People, Dec. 13, 2019 | The Press of Atlantic City |

I agree that alternative energy resources will contribute to the future health of the planet. The issue as I see it is the practicality and sustainability of the alternate resources.

Wind farms are being touted as one of these options. The idea sounds great; but, is there a significant downside? The fishing community has expressed serious concerns about the possible impact of this technology.

There are issues regarding destruction of seabirds, visual pollution, infrastructure maintenance, and, not the least of these concerns, the cost to the general public. Don’t look now, but looks like we will be contributing to the cost of the industry’s development and maintenance.

How are the concerns that have been raised being addressed? In its roll-out, nuclear energy was touted as a grand and brilliant enterprise too.

The genuine and substantial concerns of the people need to be taken into consideration. We don’t want the fishing industry diminished, more bird species either endangered or extinct, the tourist industry wrecked, or more financial burden.

Jim McManus

Ocean City

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