December 6, 2019
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Don’t like hot sand in summer? Buy flip flops, not wind farm substation

Letters to the editor | The News Journal | Dec. 6, 2019 |

I had to write after seeing the letter about saving our world versus the view. I believe many have lost sight of the main issue.

Orsted is a Danish company that has leased ocean space off the coast of Delaware and Maryland to build a wind farm. They have an agreement with Maryland to buy the “clean” power.

However, they need to run massive cables into a substation in order to connect to the power grid. All the proposed sites in Maryland were shot down. That’s how Delaware came into the picture.

The so-called clean energy comes with an environmental impact. Orsted has offered the State of Delaware $18 million to use state parkland to build its substation.

DNREC is charged with protecting the state parks and wildlife that remain. Why would they go against their mission to allow an electrical substation on state parkland? Oh, the money.

This whole project is about the money. A company doesn’t build to lose money. They are taking government credits in order to subsidize the project.

Once the substation is built, they’ll need power lines to move the electricity. The Town of Fenwick Island is a small strip of land. Where are they going to run the high-power lines? Over everyone’s homes?

There have been many studies that have shown there are health risks associated with living near high-power lines.

There are many less populated areas that could accommodate a wind farm.

Also, the simple solution for hot sand in the summer is a pair of flip flops.

— Margaret Crumlish, Newark

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