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‘God help the people of Rio Dell and Scotia’

Terra-Gen is out-of-area investors seeking to profit from the climate crisis at the expense of Humboldt County residents. They are rushing the permit process, trying to shove their highly destructive project down our throats.

If you look at the project you will see that they have chosen the worst spot possible to build their nearly 600-foot-tall monstrosities. They propose to destroy one of the most culturally and ecologically invaluable areas of Humboldt County. Endangered species as well as numerous other bird and mammal species will be ground to hamburger. Neighboring ranches will be unbearably impacted and God help the people of Rio Dell and Scotia, there goes their peace and property values.

Oh, if you thought these turbines might help us during the next power shutoff, think again. Anything generated goes into the general pool run by our friends at PG&E. So no lights on for us there. In fact, this project means more transmission lines through flammable areas right here at home.

If you attended any of the planning commission meetings on this project you would have heard people from ranchers to scientists, and ordinary citizens list numerous reasons the sighting of this project is a bad idea. Let’s not be bullied by gun-to-our-head talk. Join with the towns of Rio Dell and Scotia, as well as the Wiyot tribe, the Redwood Region Audubon Society, and numerous local organizations and individuals in opposing this project.

Kathleen Becker, Eureka