November 20, 2019
Delaware, Maryland

Locals search for answers at the Skip Jack Wind Farm public meeting

By Spencer Tracy | WBOC | Tuesday, November 19, 2019 |

DAGSBORO, Del.- Senator Gerald Hocker and Representative Ron Gray hosted an information meeting for the public to ask questions about an proposed offshore wind farm in Fenwick Island.

You could see lines of people and a full parking lot at the Indian River High School on Tuesday night. This public meeting attracted hundreds to voice their concerns and feedback towards the proposed project.

Representatives from DNREC and Orsted presented information to help address concerns from the public. This proposed wind farm involves the State of Delaware and a Danish company, Orsted Energy, seeking to build a transmission facility for an offshore wind farm. This will be in exchange for $18 million in improvements like increased parking capacity. DNREC said Orsted Energy has the permit approval to build in federal waters.

Janice Bortner lives in Fenwick Island and she says this project does not make sense to her logistically.

“I don’t understand why a state park should be a venue for commercial and industrial enterprise,” explains Bortner.

Many people attended the meeting to get answers to their questions. People said they felt left in the dark when it comes to the proposed wind farm’s plans. Joy Weber, the Skip Jack Wind Farm Development Director says these projects would not be successful without the input of the community.

“These types of projects do not move forward without the community feeling comfortable with what’s happening and at least an understanding of what’s going on,” says Weber.

Fisherman Rich King says the wind farms will provide more jobs, better fishing and overall solar energy. King says it will be a place where fish will gather and thrive in a new environment.

DNREC will be accepting public comment until December 2nd. A DNREC representative says at the moment it is not decided where the exact transmission line for the wind farm will be.

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