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The latest from game wardens across the state

Here’s one for the books.

Game wardens traditionally look like outdoor type folks in their traditional tan uniforms, harking back to the days portrayed by John Wayne.

But game wardens are as much in the modern times as any other law enforcement officer, as proved by the men in Scurry County who had been investigating the cutting of a certain landowner’s fences for several years.

Finally, using undercover cameras along one of the country roads, the lawmen connected the fence cuts to one vehicle seen over and over by the cameras

They traced his license, caught him and interrogated.

Turns out, the man was mad at the landowner whose fences had been cut because that landowner would not put wind turbines on his property.

The wind turbine man said the landowner had made his business harder to operate. He said he had offered a good price to put them on the land. He also confessed he had hunted on that land without the landowner’s permission.

Needless to say, the wind turbine man got charged with a whole bunch of misdemeanors.

Hooray for modern technology.