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Wind energy is a big scam

I have a few thoughts about the proposed construction of wind turbines.

First, I believe they are a big scam. They are supposed to be clean, green energy. The only thing green about them is the high amount of green cash they cost to construct and operate. Built of fiberglass, which cannot be recycled and is not biodegradable, so if they are torn down after they fail, all products are sent to a landfill. The big cement pad is not taken out. Valuable farmland taken out of production for this equipment is now useless.

Anyone farming adjacent ground has to make big changes in their operation. They won’t be able to aerial spray crops within a quarter of a mile because of safety issues for plane and pilot. They might not be able to ground spray because of unknown drift caused by rotation of turbines. This farmland has now lost value.

California has many rules and regulations promoting wind turbines. How is that working out? They have more brown outs and black outs than any other state! Wind energy is just not efficient. Now they want to push their rules on Nebraska to use wind energy to produce the ethanol they purchase from us. We don’t need their rules here as our conditions are different than theirs. Might be time for local farmers to think about delivering corn somewhere else.

Hamilton County became a livestock friendly county a few years ago. Wind turbines are not livestock friendly. We don’t know what type of physical or mental damage these turbines will cause to pets, livestock or wildlife, not to mention people. Do we really want to take those chances?

Windmills were constructed throughout cattle country in the 1800’s to pump water for livestock. They were outdated in the 1900’s as more reliable and more economical resources were discovered. As we approach 2020, these wind turbine proponents want us to go back to 1800’s technology to produce electricity. What’s next, kerosene lanterns and wood stoves? With lack of efficient electricity production, might have to consider it.

I think it’s time for our county commissioners to not only remember who they represent, but also who is paying their salary. I’m talking about Hamilton County residents! It’s not Bluestem Energy.

Ken Hunnicutt,