November 12, 2019

Clear Creek Town Board passes wind farm moratorium

Jess Langlois | WQOW | November 11, 2019 |

The town of Clear Creek is planning to delay a proposed wind energy development and approved a moratorium at Monday’s meeting. This means, for one year, no permits for wind turbine operations would be approved in the town.

The moratorium is in response to a preliminary proposal by RWE Renewable Americas to build between 40 and 70 wind turbines on approximately 20,000 acres of land in the towns of Clear Creek and Pleasant Valley.

Town Chairman Lotty Macik said the purpose of the moratorium is to give the town more time to study the environmental, financial, health and safety issues that could be associated with a wind farm.

“There’s a volume of information out there that says these things are doing a lot of environmental harm, and physical harm too,” Macik said. “There’s lawsuits all over the country dealing with these things, so that’s what we want to look into.”

Macik said the town board is unsure if this moratorium is binding, so they plan to bring it to the Eau Claire County Board to determine if further action is necessary.

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