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Where’s the state help?

This past February at a Washington, DC, hearing of the House Natural Resources Committee, Governor Baker said, “Well, sometimes, we just screw up the way we actually implement it…” referring to the state’s implementation role in the town’s turbine project debacle. Falmouth Board of Selectmen chairman (at the time) Susan L. Moran’s response was that she believed the state and federal government should support Falmouth with the financial consequences of the wind turbine project.

Article 14 of this fall’s annual Town Meeting warrant essentially asks Falmouth taxpayers for money to initiate the process of dismantling and the relocation of the turbines.

Given this admission of accountability by the governor, where is the state government’s financial support? Perhaps at the upcoming precinct meetings, Town Meeting members ought to raise this question to Ms. Moran and selectmen. Before at least, any sum for appropriation is battered about.

Mark J. Cool

Fire Tower Road