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On the topic of wind farms

I am a member of The Cooke County Coalition For Property Rights. We are against EDP Renewables Wildcat Creek Wind Farm being built in Cooke County. We have debunked EDP’s claim that property values will not be affected. Just ask a local real estate agent. We have debunked EDP’s claims of no health side effects. Just ask the people who live near a windmill in Muenster. We have debunked EDP’s claim that our schools and community will gain from the industrialized wind farm. Just ask the Era school district and its residents. We have debunked EDP’s claim that jobs will be created. Just ask EDP Renewables.

What has not been debunked? The fact that EDP Renewables is a Portuguese-owned company and now we learn that EDP is 23 percent owned by the Chinese government through the Three Gorges Corp. How can Cooke County and a Medal of Honor City do business with a Communist government? How do you explain to our war heroes, our past, current and future military personnel, that Cooke County is giving Xi Jinping, the leader of China, a tax abatement? Look no further than our own The Weekly News issue dated Oct. 9 and read in the Opinions section an editorial written by Patrick J. Buchanan titled “Is China the Country of the Future?” Business with China is against our principles.

EDP Renewables is not a good fit for our county. Write your school boards, hospital boards and commissioners. Tell them this is America. We do not do business with Communists. Vote no on tax abatements.

Criss Crossen, Gainesville