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Why no action on wind turbine complaints?

Following on from the planning issues and auditing problems in the South Cambs district council there is another issu where the council is failing the community.

Both South Cambs and Huntingdon district council have, jointly, signed a statement that they are refusing to accept further complaints about excessive noise cause by the Cotton Farm wind farm turbines. The turbines are located in the Huntingdon districts area but are next to the South Cambs village of Graveley. The noise generated by the turbines is affecting many people in the village. Well over 2,000 complaints have been lodged with the councils over six years. Three more were lodged only last night. It is the irregular, variable thumping noise caused by the rotating blades which is causing distress to people, especially at night.

In 2018 the turbine noise emissions were officially recorded for six months at the insistence of the community and with the co-operation of the wind farm owner. The councils Environmental Health departments oversaw the monitoring exercise. Then the council officers, in both councils, refused to have them properly and independently assessed in accordance with the planning approval’s noise complaint procedure. one excuse was that they are waiting for guidance from central Government. The community, having access to the data and using the official planning approval specification procedures, had samples professionally assessed. This has identified the noise emissions from the wind farm regularly exceed the noise limits laid down in the original planning approval.

The wind farm is proven to be non-compliant and the councils are refusing to acknowledge this. Why?

B Gray
High Street, Gravely, St Neots