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Decision against wind farm should be allowed to stand

We are writing you in regards to the Board of Zoning Appeals Hearing (BOZA) scheduled Oct. 9, involving Dan’s Mountain Wind Force (Case No. 942 and 943 remanded).

We live in the Harwood community and are currently working with the neighborhood and Dan’s Mountain Solar Company to have a solar farm placed on a lot adjacent to ours.

A representative of the solar company advised us about the project. Through speaking with him and doing some research of our own, we have compared the two:

1. Wind turbines are several hundred feet tall (490 feet) and the solar panels sit on bases that are eight feet tall.

2. Wind turbines generate noise that is equivalent to the sound of jet engines and the solar panels do not emit noise.

3. The wind turbines blast 40 feet or more into the ground to set their bases, which would negatively affect the water aquifers that supply water to the surrounding residents and the solar panels sit on bases that are level with the ground or dug only eight feet deep.

4. The wind turbines emit infrasound which has negative health effects and the solar panels do not.

5. Solar panels are more efficient in generating electricity than wind turbines.

6. Dan’s Mountain Solar has a current, valid Public Service Commission Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) and Dan’s Mountain Wind does not have a CPCN.

Allegany County has in place certain laws and restrictions for building wind and solar farms to protect the environment and residents that live near them.

We understand that both projects would provide tax revenues for the county, but that money should not override the county government’s responsibility to protect its citizens.

We feel the BOZA should uphold the original decision that was made in 2015.

Kathryn Russo