September 24, 2019
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Broome County Concerned Residents press statement

Tue, 24 Sep 2019, Broome County Concerned Residents

The Broome County Concerned Residents (BCCR) association calls on Dewey Decker, the Town Supervisor in Sanford and Carolyn Price, Town Supervisor in Windsor to come clean about their four-year long relationship with the Texas-based Calpine Corporation which is hoping to erect 33 huge industrial wind turbines in the Sanford-Windsor area.

“We now know that Calpine made contact with these town officials back in 2015 about their plans to bring these grotesque turbines to this part of Broome County”, said a BCCRspokesperson. “But the people of Windsor and Sanford only learned what was happening in February of this year. Why the secrecy?”

The BCCR spokesperson added: “The secrecy was clearly part of Calpine’s plan. Dewey Decker and Carolyn Price went along with this so as to keep the people of Sanford and Windsor in the dark. That is disgraceful and appears to have been part of an effort to obstruct and hamper efforts by the people in these towns to organise against the seven hundred foot industrial turbines which will endanger the health of people here and scar our beautiful countryside.”

The spokesperson continued: “Why did Dewey Decker and Carolyn Price not tell their people what was coming? Their first responsibility is to the people who live in Sanford and Windsor, not a corporation from Texas which is only interested in getting its hands on as much of $170 billion subsidies offered by Washington and Albany as they can”.

BCCR also called on Dewey Decker and Carolyn Price to give a full public account of all their contacts with Calpine, including what meetings they had with Calpine, when these happened and where they happened, either in New York or Texas. “What did they talk about for four years?” BCCR asked. “It is time they came clean”.

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