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Buckeye Wind Blows Away

After nearly thirteen years, EverPower and its successor, Innogy, has surrendered its certificates for the Champaign Wind and Buckeye Wind projects in Champaign County Ohio. A copy of the official relinquishment is attached. There will likely be a report in the Urbana Daily Citizen tomorrow and we will make it available to you.

Steadfast community resistance can be a long and often thankless endeavor. We are grateful to those who go the distance, exhausted by the journey which seems to never end. Such are those members of Greenwich Neighbors United in Huron County. When the Ohio Power Siting Board approves a certificate to build a wind project, a five-year clock begins to tick. In the Greenwich Wind Park project, the five year expiration of the certificate was August 25, 2019. A developer must commence a continuous course of construction prior to that date to keep the certificate in effect. On August 22nd, Greenwich developer, Crosswinds Wind, filed a notice with the OPSB that on-site construction of the project had commenced.

On August 26th, GNU filed a motion for an Order confirming that the Greenwich Wind Park certificate was now invalid and that the certificate must be cancelled. The copy of the Motion is attached. The recitation of reasons why the certificate should be considered expired are set forth in the Motion and they are worth reading and understanding by all who continue to be engaged in fighting a local wind project. We will all be watching closely to see how the OPSB responds to the GNU motion. In this case, were all the pre-construction conditions of the certificate met before August 25th? What is the meaning of “continuous course of construction”?

The battles being fought and won are important – very important. But we remind all that they are “battles”. The “war” continues and will continue until, working together, we can secure the right of a vote at the local level to accept or deny industrial wind development. We must regain the power to determine our community’s future. We cannot rest until then.

We ask that our readers continue to be engaged in the “war” and be ready when we need you to make our case in the Ohio General Assembly. Thank you for your amazing commitment.