September 3, 2019

Villagers complain their noisy neighbours are making life ‘unbearable’

By Eleanor Ovens, Reporter | The Mail |

Fed-up residents living in the shadows of a windfarm said ‘they don’t want to sit outside’ as their noisy neighbours are ‘a real problem’.

Villagers have enlisted the help of Furness MP John Woodcock in a bid to convince planners to reject an application to extend the life of Far Old Park windfarm in Askam until 2029.

The windfarm was commissioned in 1999 and planning permission was granted for 20 years.

However, residents have monitored the site and claim to have evidence that proves the turbines produce more noise than any other windfarm in Cumbria.

Gillian Haythornthwaite and Barry Moon, who have lived on Moor Road in Marton near the turbines for more than 20 years, said they are fervently against the proposed plans.

Mr Moon said: “It seems the company have used an underhand way to extend the life of the windfarm.

“According to their contract, the turbines should have stopped running on July 1, however, they have not.

“The windfarm is the worst site in the country for noise pollution and the residents are sick of it.

“If the planning application is successful, I will be fighting for another 10 years for the turbines to cease operation.”

Neighbour Gillian Haythornthwaite, described plans to extend the life of the windfarm as ‘unacceptable’.

“This hasn’t been put forward using the proper consultation which is not acceptable,” she said.

“We certainly feel as if we’re not being listened to.

“There seems to be a serious lack of concern for the local residents and more concern around making as much money as possible.”

Miss Haythornthwaite said the turbines’ noise pollution deters her from sitting outdoors.

“The noise is absolutely unbearable at times,” she said.

“We don’t want to sit outdoors, it’s a real problem.”

Furness MP John Woodcock is appealing to council planners to block the extension plans.

In a letter to Barrow Council, Mr Woodcock said: “There is compelling evidence to show the level of noise this windfarm produces is higher than any other windfarm in the country.

“Moreover, the weight of evidence against the site creates a strong suspicion that this application for a life extension is not in fact being made in good faith by the company, particularly given the age of the existing turbines and their unprofitability.”

The Mail was unable to receive a response from the owners of the windfarm, Cannock Windfarm Services.

However, in documents submitted to the council as part of the application, Cannock Windfarm Services, said: “The windfarm ownership is of the opinion that the new Noise Reduction Management System (NRMS) technology to be implemented, alongside other significant planned improvements, will enable the windfarm to continue its effective operation and reduce those issues experienced in the past.

“The continued operation of Far Old Park Windfarm provides an opportunity for Cumbria to continue contributing to clean energy generation for the benefit of all.”

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