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Stop this drive for wind power now

Very informative article on wind farms in The Herald on Sunday (What is the true cost of wind power?, August 25). Linda Holt raised some very compelling issues in her case for the prosecution and add to these the destruction of the land and seascapes of our beautiful country, where it is becoming more difficult to have a view that is not interrupted by wind turbines waving their monstrous arms. Surely it is time to call a halt to this destruction. We could cover every inch of our country with these alien structures and it would have no impact whatsoever on climate change.

That’s not to say that we should not be striving for alternatives to fossil fuels; of course we should, and wind power has a part to play, but enough is enough and it would seem that the driving force for more wind power has less to do with concern for the climate and more about financial gain for Scottish Renewables. Wind farms have certainly brought no financial benefit to the consumer who has seen the cost of electricity soar, regardless of the fact that a large proportion is generated from renewables.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the SNP government seems to have an obsession with wind generation and has even overruled local authorities on the odd occasion that the authority has refused planning consent for a wind farm, so perhaps, come 2021, we should take the opportunity to replace them with a government that has a better regard for our beautiful country. As yet it remains to be seen who that might be.

Alexander Irving