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Yard signs opposed to proposed wind farm project are disappearing; authorities investigating

It’s generally a quiet town in Poseyville, but the debate over a wind farm has stirred things up in the rural community.

Driving through town, you’ll see that divide through signs for and against the proposed project. Scott Fisher is a member of a group opposed to the wind farm called PoCo Wind.

“We caught word that there was a company in the area looking at leasing farm ground,” Fisher said.

As of recently, there have been less and less of the signs opposed to the wind farm. That’s because someone in the community is stealing them.

Charles Carter, the Poseyville Town Marshall is investigating these thefts. “Last report I’ve had, we’ve had over 50 signs stolen.”

The signs are funded through donations to PoCo Wind. The group works to bring awareness to the potentially harmful effects a wind farm could have.

Fisher said opinions on the matter have always been something they have worked to keep as amicable as possible, working to respect each others’ opinions.

“There’s never been that divide from the beginning,” Fischer said. “To see that come out of the community, in terms of the theft of the signs is not something we want to see.”

Through community surveillance cameras, images were caught of the suspected thief, although they aren’t the clearest surveillance pictures. What’s identifiable is the sandals and the vehicle.

The group Posey County Citizens for Property Rights posted those images saying in part, “the vehicle in the photos below are a 2015-2017 Toyota Camry, with 5 ‘triple’ spoke painted aluminum 17” wheels. The color is likely light in tone. The driver is wearing distinctive sandals, likely black with a light-colored emblem on top and possibly velcro-close, and shorts/leg view which may help identify the thief.”

The Town Marshall said this is not what Posey County is about.

“This is an emotionally charged issue on both sides, and acting out in emotion in a childish manner is not going to get anybody anywhere. Our community is better than this,” Carter said.

Carter also said he is working this case as a misdemeanor theft, and when caught, that person would serve jail time.

If you have any information, you’re asked to contact the Poseyville Town Marshall at 812-874-3518.