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Don’t become ‘America the ugly’

We live in Buchanan County. And we don’t want the turbines.

My husband and I drove to Colorado in June. What a beautiful scenic drive until we traveled through Kansas and entered Colorado Springs.

That’s when it all starts with miles and miles of wind turbines that ruin the beautiful landscape. It is just sickening to see this happen.

This wind turbine thing should be stopped before it really turns more of our states into an ugly mess. It’s sad that money is doing this to people to give access to their property to erect them. I sure wouldn’t want to sit on my patio and look out at these horrible things.

Before these people in DeKalb County, Buchanan County or any county decide to give up their beautiful countryside for something that really doesn’t help the “clean, renewable energy” cause, they should travel by car through Kansas to Colorado Springs to see how these things have destroyed the beauty of the land.

Just because of money. Remember the song “America the Beautiful”? Well it’s turning out to be changed to: America the ugly.

I just wanted you to know that there are people who are against this.

Susan Dudley

Rushville, Missouri