August 12, 2019
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A year later — still haunted

August 11, 2019 |

There’s no real reparations that will erase what has been done. The facts are pretty clear in the re-visited article (see link –

And while the dust has settled over another year, the aftermath continues to leave many of us unsettled. Unable to “get back on track,” angry that justice should come only through debt. Debt beyond money. The debt affecting reputations and community acceptance.

If there’s a lesson (a warning) to others out there, from a life lived through a wind storm… be on guard! Know that there are people willing to ignore the truth. People from the wind energy industry, science and medicine to your local and state government officials. People beholden to a new standard of rules. These new rules are placing personal and property right standards at risk.

WHY? Because wind energy developers, scientists, medical practitioners and government officials have “other people” they’re responsible to. “Other people” and those that serve them often have little to no regard for decency and the lawful rights owed the average citizen.

Beware the wind wolves in sheep clothing…

~ Still Haunted

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