August 7, 2019

Wales reveals wind farm priority areas

7 August 2019 |

The Welsh government has unveiled proposals to introduce new priority areas for large-scale wind farms as part of a draft national development framework (NDF).

The plan details 11 areas throughout Wales where there will be presumption in favour of development for wind projects of 10MW and above.

Wind farms in locations outside the priority areas will not carry explicit Welsh government support and proposals will be­ determined on their individual merits.

The proposed priority areas will supersede the Welsh government’s TAN8 strategic search areas A-G for wind farms introduced in 2005.

The 11 new areas will also give prioritise solar projects of between 10MW and 350MW. In addition, the NDF sets out a further four areas solely for solar development.

Wales Housing and Local Government Minister Julie James said: “We are ambitious to increase the amount of renewable energy generated here in Wales.

“The NDF sets out where we believe large scale renewable energy projects should be located in Wales.”

The consultation on the draft NDF runs until 1 November.

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