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Take your questions to Regulatory Commission

Last year several counties allowed wind generating systems under the ruse of clean energy and cost savings for all the people. However, our bills went up 7% for infrastructure repairs, most of which have been hidden as a rider on your bill.

Now we have massive amounts of acreage being used for solar panel installation and, once again, with the saying your bills will go down. You will be providing clean energy and help the environment. As of August, our electric bill will be increasing 14.9%. The notification was listed on your April/May billing. So forgive me, but I’m finding it hard to see all the savings we have been promised from all this new technology. Especially since it goes to the highest bidder and doesn’t stay in Indiana.

But what I am seeing once again, is an increase in our bills.

Now I’m all for protecting the environment and saving money because, let’s face it, we only have one earth. But I do not approve of giving up our land and our money to provide energy and savings for other states. Because none of this alleged savings goes to Indiana with tax revenues being disbursed at the county’s discretion.

There will be a meeting on our 14.9% rate increase on Aug. 13 at Ball State (Cardinal Hall ) and you may contact the Indiana Regulatory Commission at 1-888-441-2494, or online at uccinfo@oucc.in.gov as well as other information concerning the solar panel installation. You may also file your opinions for or against these issues.

This is the time for you to be speaking up, asking questions and be heard. Our lives, our environment and our future depend on it.

Nova Guffey, Elwood