July 9, 2019
Letters, Ohio

Residents have the right to limit wind projects

The Columbus Dispatch | Jul 6, 2019 | www.dispatch.com

Developers of wind energy projects have been using state-backed force to locate their multiple-square-mile projects in communities with no input from local residents.

At issue is the right of local residents to have a voice in the future of their own community. Across Ohio private citizens are uniting and taking their issue to the state legislature.

But the chamber says it would be a “dangerous precedent” should these citizens have a chance to decide whether hundreds of 600-foot-tall wind machines could be built in their area. And why? Because, the chamber says, it might detract from the “certainty” big business needs to be successful. Really?

The policy backs big business with the power of the state while trampling the rights of individual citizens. This is known as crony capitalism and can never be openly supported by an organization like the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.

To all businesses across Ohio that have attached their brand to the OCC logo, beware of what your affiliation is supporting. Contact the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and advise it to get on the right side of this issue by supporting the Reineke Referendum on wind energy projects.

Jim Feasel, Tiffin

URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2019/07/09/residents-have-the-right-to-limit-wind-projects/