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Madison destroys rural environment

The green initiatives coming from Madison to place solar panels and wind farms in rural areas is just plain wrong and exploits our rural communities for the benefit of the urbanites.

Rural communities pretty much provide everything for the city dwellers, from the lumber products used to build their flats, to the energy, water and food on their tables. Now these same urbanites want to exploit our countryside with massive solar and wind farms destroying our rural habitat so they can enjoy more social media time on their 1984-style devices.

The question to ask is: Why can’t solar and wind farms go up within the 77 square miles of Madison? What makes them so special and privileged that they do not have to sacrifice their natural beauty at the expense of rural folks?

Solar and wind farms should be placed throughout the city as a reminder of the energy they demand instead of just dumping them in the rural areas. City folks need to be reminded about the destruction they cause to our natural habitat.

Pete Papageorge, Oshkosh