May 8, 2019

Wind farm ban in Tippecanoe County

Staff Reports | WLFI | May. 7, 2019 |

The Tippecanoe County Board of Commissioners voted to ban wind farms, unanimously.

Commissioner Tom Murtaugh said the ban isn’t meant to send a message against renewable energy.

He said the decision was made because the population growth here is too large for that kind of investment.

“It is a very viable project in other counties,” said Murtaugh. “And that’s why we’ve seen those pop up in our surrounding counties, in Benton County and White County and we’ll likely see it in other smaller counties.”

However, he said the county does put money into other green initiatives.

“Recycling initiative, our hazardous waste collection initiative, Commission through Greater Lafayette Commerce and both cities have their own commission in regards to what we can do to be greener,” said Murtaugh.

Cities and towns in the county have a chance to vote against the ban but Murtaugh said those places likely wouldn’t have the land for wind farms anyway.

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