May 8, 2019

No wind turbine zone expanded In Jasper County

May 7, 2019 Bob Kurtz, News Day,

An amendment to the county’s wind ordinance, as recommended by the plan commission, was presented to the Jasper County Commissioners at their May meeting. The recommended changes from the subcommittee and plan commission passed as presented. The no wind turbine zone, as Commissioner Kendell Culp will talk about, is all of the county north of County Road 1200 South, which begins two miles south of State Road 16. Commissioner Culp explains what the new changes will include.


Tuesday, May 7, 2019,

May’s Commissioners meeting

The May Commissioners meeting had an unusual twist at its start. For several years the meetings have begun with a veteran leading the Pledge of Allegiance and then the vet gives his military background. On Monday the vet, Tim Flynn, mentioned something about picking up a job application and turning it in. The application was for the job of Veterans Service officer and after he spoke, the Commissioners approved his hiring for that position. …

Finally the time arrived for the Wind Ordinance. About twenty people had attended the meeting for this item and had waited patiently as the Commissioners went through the rest of the agenda. As expected, there was virtually no discussion and the Commissioners approved the ordinance as it had been proposed by a special committee and then passed by the Plan Commission in April.

Before the meeting I noticed the spokesman for the wind company that wants to do a project in the Southwest corner of the County. I asked him if the project was still doable with the revised ordinance. He was noncommittal, saying they would reevaluate it. He also suggested that if any project does get built, it will be smaller than it otherwise would have been. I also notice a representative for RES, the company that wanted to build a wind farm in eastern Jasper and western Pulaski Counties, at the meeting. I am not sure why he was there. …

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