April 25, 2019

Potential wind project forces local government to act

KOMU 8 | 24 April 2019 | www.komu.com

COLUMBIA- A proposed wind project in Harrisburg is now getting the local government involved.

The Boone County planning and zoning commission discussed definitions Wednesday related to wind turbines ahead of any applications for projects in the area.

“When you have an application in hand and you don’t have standards, you’re trying to formulate applications on the fly, that’s not a good way,” director of resource management Stan Shawver said. “People like to know what’s expected of them.”

Nirtana Susan Goodman was in the crowd to show her opposition to the idea of a wind project in Boone County.

“I used to love it. I thought this is great. It will save the planet, wind and solar energy,” Goodman said. “What I didn’t realize that I come to find out is they are very destructive technology.”

She said she bought a home in Harrisburg as a retirement plan with her partner.

“We don’t want it to be industrial. We want it to be agricultural and residential.”

The next move for the commission is to create a draft of rules for wind turbines in the county.

After the draft is complete, there will be public hearings for citizens to give their input to the committee.

Harrisburg residents are already showing disapproval with “noMOwind.org” signs along route E. The website was created by Ashley Ernst, a landowner in Harrisburg who apposes the wind project.

Shawver could not give us a clear timeline on when the regulations would be approved.

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