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Concerned citizens give their reasons of why they are against a proposed wind turbine project

TOWN OF WINDSOR, N.Y. – The towns of Windsor and Sanford are right in the middle of a proposed wind turbine project that could change their very way of living.

We went to public meetings in both towns, and here is some of the concerns citizens have.

Patricia Kurz is a member of the Coalition of Broome County Concerned Residents attending the town meetings in both Sanford and Windsor, who’s entire life could be upturned by the 33 proposed Bluestone wind turbines, 5 of which are planned to be very close to her property.

She has several concerns “So I am concerned about the noise… I’m concerned about the lights… I’m concerned about the flicker… I’m concerned about the dangers from the chemicals they might be using… I’m concerned about the water the wells… I’m concerned about the 22 golden eagles that use this area…”

The small towns in the region, like Sanford and Deposit thrive on a wilderness feel, and it’s not just residents who are concerned.

Business owners as well, specifically in the camping industry, like Bill Mirch who owns a campground in Windsor.

Mirch said this “It’s all we have… We have our lakes and streams and rivers… People come here to enjoy the wildlife and the scenic views… If that goes than these towns go…”

Wind is usually known as a clean renewable energy, but many locals are worried about how the construction and the eventual structure will affect the ecosystem.

Anne Lawrence, Co-chair of the Coalition, said “For example that 5000 acres need to be clear cut… That there is going to be massive amounts of concrete going to be poured… That there is going to be major disturbance of soil… There is potential leaks that could go into our pristine rivers… Chemicals that they don’t want to be disclosed… Icing of the wings… There is so many problems environmentally speaking…”

And the last concern is confidentiality.

They say many citizens don’t even know it’s coming, but through their own outreach, they were able to get a good turnout to both meetings to fight against the project.

Karl Katen, who petitioned locals for the Coalition, said “I’m thinking the more people we get involved in it… The more backing you have to prove the point that people in this area do not want these wind turbines… And how the town board or the state ever got the idea that we did is beyond me…”