April 7, 2019
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The reality of Pretty Prairie Wind

The Hutchinson News | Apr 7, 2019 | www.hutchnews.com

Sadly, the truth of what the Pretty Prairie Wind Facility is all about became poignantly apparent.

During the last public hearing on April 4, a mother with a recently diagnosed epileptic child testified of her concerns. She was asked one of the most telling questions of the night. The question came as, what can she do to mitigate the issue, followed by suggestions of going to the basement or putting up blinds.

This family is being asked to alter their life and to add an additional concern regarding the well-being of their child so wind turbines can be put up where they live. Just as telling was when the father of this child came to testify, he asked the question of both the board and the developer of what they were going to do to mitigate the issue. He was met with silence, pin-dropping silence.

That moment in the hearing sadly told it all.

Silence speaks. Silence speaks loudly.

When the overarching principle and purpose of our zoning is to “to promote the health, safety, comfort and general welfare of the citizens of Reno County, Kansas” it is heart-breaking to watch your local officials have little concern for our community and our children, and do everything for a billion dollar out-of-state developer. All the community has been asking for is protection.

In a world that has lost the ability to reason on common sense, in a world that has lost all empathy and value for human life, we have clearly joined the ranks. When a cause, or pocketing an extra $1,500 or even $10,000 a year, outweighs the value of even one life, we have been sold out. Sadly, this reality became apparent to all, at the expense of a sweet child, her family, and countless others.

God help us all.

Amy Brown


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