March 27, 2019

French farmers say wind turbines and solar panels have killed hundreds of their cows

By Chris Dyer for Mailonline | Daily Mail | 27 March 2019 |

French farmers have claimed wind turbines and solar panels have killed hundreds of their cows.

One farmer in Cotes-d’Armor, Brittany, has even filed a lawsuit against an unnamed company over the mysterious deaths.

Farmers in the area started noticing their animals losing weight, with many of them subsequently dying.

But vets could not work out what caused the cows’ deaths as they were not suffering from any diseases so farmers ran tests on their land.

They claim these examinations revealed wind turbines and solar panels are releasing too much electricity into the ground, which is slowly killing their animals.

Local farmer Patrick Le Nechet said the mysterious deaths began when a new batch of photovoltaic solar panels were installed, according to Europe 1.

He discovered there were electrical currents of over one volt both in the ground and in the water – three times the accepted threshold for animals.

Le Nechet told the French radio station Europe 1: ‘They lost weight, we lost 120 in five years. It can not be explained, even veterinarians do not know what to do.

‘There is a lot of direct current coming into the earth. When we see all the animals die, it is untenable.’

Stephane Le Brechec, a cattle farmer from Allineuc, around 18 miles from Cote-d’Amour, lost even more cows and claims 37 of his beasts died in just six months.

He said that over the last few years he has lost 200 cows, caused by antennas transformers and turbines, he claims.

Thibaut Bouchut, of the Building Advisor of the Sanitary Defense Group said that humans can withstand three times more electricity than cows.

Bouchut told Le Progres: ‘The human body has an electrical resistance of 1,500 Ohms, while the cows, only 500 Ohms, not to mention that they are not separated from the ground by rubber soles.

‘Breeders are not always aware of electrical disturbances, and sometime the seemingly-unexplained problems they face discourage them, even if they are competent. Farms close down because of that.’

Two years ago, another French farmer from Val de SaƓne, in Rhone, claimed electrical current from transformers at an industrial unit caused health his animals to become ill.

According to French media Le Brechec had lodged a complaint while farmers in nearby Pays de la Loire in western France have also reported losses of animals near turbines.

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