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Stop pushing wind turbines in rural, peaceful Somerset

It’s apparent that the 100-acre Eastern Hills Mall will soon be transformed into something else for the benefit of residents of the Amherst/Clarence area. Why not solar panels?

Since Sierra Club feels it necessary to come to our town board meetings to push for 600-foot industrial wind towers and write letters about what we ought to do with our green space, I feel it only right that I point out that Sierra Club has an opportunity to show their dedication to renewable energy by advocating for a solar farm at the corner of Main and Transit.

What people don’t know is that the Town of Somerset wants to preserve the eastern berm of this facility with its fabulous high views and prime lakefront access and make it a town park. That is in the works. But the Sierra Club continues to beat the drum about what other communities ought to do with their green space: plant industrial wind turbines.

Sierra Club members have trekked out to town board meetings here to “educate” us about our obligation to “host” 600-foot industrial wind turbines. But we have laws in place to protect our health and safety, thank you, and our elected town board members unanimously oppose Lighthouse Wind.

We object to the tons of cement and rebar that would be buried for life in our fields, the noise and infrasound that would be generated, the raptors that would be slaughtered by 240-foot blades (no cats up there), and the industrialization of our towns.

All those who call themselves environmentalists should look at their own backyards for opportunities to fight climate change.

Christine Bronson