March 21, 2019

Wind turbines coming to Tilikum Crossing

Keely Chalmers | KGW8 | March 20, 2019 |

PORTLAND, Ore. – Some wind energy is coming to the Tilikum Crossing Bridge.

On Monday TriMet will start installing 12 wind turbines on either side of the bridge.

The 4-foot tall curved turbines will be secured atop these poles. Once in place, they will produce energy that will be used to power the lights.

TriMet is partnering on the project with students in the mechanical engineering school at Portland State University.

The students will monitor the devices and help determine if they could be used in larger transit projects in the future.

“Tilikum Crossing is a wonderful light show, to begin with so we hope we’re adding to the intrigue this bridge represents,” said Tim Becker, a spokesman for TriMet.

The cost to put in the test turbines is about $350 thousand, money TriMet said it had to use or lose.

“That’s kind of a lot of money, but as long as it produces electricity in a meaningful way – I guess it’s worth it,” said a passerby.

Even when work begins this Monday, the bridge will remain open. However, pedestrians and cyclists will run into some detours for the first few days.

TriMet expects the turbines themselves to start running this May.

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