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Bee County commissioner warns property owners against wind turbines

BEE COUNTY, Texas – A Bee County commissioner is stressing the importance of landowners knowing what they are getting into when allowing wind turbines on their property.

According to Precinct 2 County Commissioner Dennis Dewitt, he has had landowners in his area approached by companies to use their property and place turbines on it.

Dewitt found that most companies want residents to sign a 40-year lease on their land. The property owner will get paid $80 for every acre the turbine covers, and if the turbine is no longer in use, the landowner has to pay taxes on it.

Dewitt is not only a commissioner that own lands in Bee County, but he does not want a turbine on his property.

“I want to protect the birds, the critters, the serenity, the quiet. As a county commissioner, if you as a landowner want this, I don’t think it’s my right to say, ‘No, you shouldn’t do,'” Dewitt said.

From an earlier survey asking 34 residents if they want wind farms on their property, 28 of them said no.

Dewitt said there is another wind farm in the works and construction should begin on that one in the next 30 days.