February 26, 2019

Township commissioner concerned with wind energy proposal

DeWitt Daily News | dewittdailynews.com

Last week’s Zoning Board of Appeals hearings on the proposed wind farm in the northwest corner of DeWitt County was dominated by those opposed to the project.

Tradewind Energy’s Alta Farms II project proposal was the subject of a nearly two-week-long hearing for testimony and evidence and Tradewind did not have anyone speak last week, as all their testimony was heard the first week.

Among the speakers, last week opposed to the project was Wilson Township Road Commissioner Thomas Musick. Musick pointed out several issues he has with the proposal, one being the to tile a field not being long enough. Current ordinances are written for 12 months but Musick recommends a length of 36-48 months.

Additionally, Musick is concerned with ice shedding from the turbines. He explains the accumulation of ice on a turbine can wreak havoc when conditions are right.

Musick points out there will be 17 turbines are going to be right on the road. He contends there needs to be a reconsideration of how close to the roads these will be.

Over the weekend on Regional Radio News, DeWitt County Board chair David Newberg gave an updated approximate timeline of events going forward in regards to the hearings and what is next for the proposal.

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