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Onslaught of wind turbines

This is in response to Eric Davis’ Feb. 4 letter (“Don’t kill wind energy”). We are proud of State Sen. Tom Brewer in our district. Unlike a majority of the other senators, he is a man of integrity and isn’t afraid to voice the concerns of the people he represents. This is the type of individual we should all choose to elect.

We are facing an onslaught of wind turbines in the Sand Hills – all in the name of greed. The vast majority of the residents do not want them. A private company will use the Nebraska Public Power District’s power of eminent domain on our land to get the power for the R-Line project.

Wind energy is coal-driven. Construction of all the components takes coal. As for agriculture, it’s the foundation that this state was built on. The Sand Hills are cattle country. This is our livelihood, and we’re not willing to give it up for the folly of wind energy.

Lyle D. Rath, Thedford, Neb.

Sand Hills rancher