February 9, 2019
Letters, Ohio

Wind farm OPSB meeting

The Advertiser-Tribune | Feb 9, 2019 | www.advertiser-tribune.com

Just a reminder to everyone of the Ohio Power Siting Board meeting April 23. It is important that all who are concerned have a chance to voice or submit their input about the wind farms proposed for our area. It will be at the Marion Center, 235 Miami St., on the Tiffin University campus from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m.

In review of the news events of 2018 in The Advertiser-Tribune, there were at least 14 articles regarding the wind farms. We observed that a significant number of citizens, on learning more about the wind farms, including some political officials, have decided against the wind farms for our area.

At least attend the meeting and have your say, so this hopefully doesn’t turn into another “Stinky Farms”(aka: Sunny Farms) situation. Once the damage has been done, it will be almost impossible to go back to the environment we now enjoy.

We may not have the money that has been spent by these big corporations on advertising and influencing people of their “great value and benefits” to our community, but we do have concerned and caring citizens, that can come together, to let the OPSB know how we feel. Please attend this meeting to either speak or submit in writing your concerns on the wind farms. It will be the last opportunity for your input on this project. Remember if you don’t feel comfortable voicing your opinion, you can give a written submission that day.


Fred and Kay Zirger,


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